Top 6 Most Awesome Cosplay Girls

Cosplay has become an awesome combination of popular comics, movies, TV shows, book characters, and more! Real life people have stepped up to the plate to bring the creativity, imagination, and personality to many of these popular characters through elaborate costumes, and bringing them to life at various Comicon events!

Abby Dark-Star

Abby Darkstar as Lara Croft, Tomb Raider cosplay

Being one of the most popular Cosplay Girls to date, this stunning beauty originating in California has no qualms about showing off her sexy body and creativity in her broad array of costumes, specifically those based around Sci-Fi adventures and other non-fictions that are typically on the hot-list for today’s entertainment industry!

Following Abby is easy, as she’s practically linked to every social platform known to man, and meeting her is all the more the delight—you’ll have to see in person the rewards behind meeting this beauty!

Traci Hines

Traci Hines sitting on the rock as the Little Mermaid

Traci Hines is one of the more adorable selections of Cosplay Girls, originating in Orange County. She is not afraid to show off her bubbly personality, and creativity in the various costumes she creates and wears—in fact, she’s a designer herself!

While Traci seems to pursue bringing to life more “darker” or gothic-like characters, she seemingly without hesitation brings such characters to life with a new-spin, crushing audiences with her wide smile, and willingness to adapt to different personalities.

As if all of these character traits weren’t enough, Traci also sings, and has put on multiple performances in bringing fantasy songs to life! With a great love for people, she’s more than approachable, and although already taken, hands-down a beauty to see in action!

Yaya Han

Yaya Han dressing up as the Wizard in Diablo 3

Yaya Han is one of our most dedicated Cosplay Girls, being in the business for over fifteen years yet not looking a day over 22!

Ranging from Anime to Sci-Fi comings and gaming, Yaya does it all! She enjoys bringing to life a wide array of various comic characters, and enjoys every moment of it! She has a large following on Facebook, and is often found posting rather-risqué like poses and pictures in the new costumes she creates!

Most impressively, since Yaya makes the majority if not all of her costumers herself, she’s even begun creating and sharing with the world and her fans the ways in which she makes her costumes—and how they can bring their favorite characters to life too!

We don’t know how well we could rate her G for family-audiences, considering her often cleavage-focused shots, but she definitely keeps it considerably classy to an extent when it comes to her costumes and in-person appearance!

If you fancy a cosplay girl that has an imagination, and will leave you guessing, then you should definitely consider adding and following Yaya Han on Facebook or Twitter! Who says creative cosplay beauties like Yaya aren’t homegrown, reigning from Atlanta, Georgia!


Alexikins as the female version of Harry Potter

Reigning from somewhere deep in Canada, Alexikins is a new face to the Cosplay Community! Never the less, she’s knocked plenty of fans off their feet in her elaborate Catwoman costume, and even Harlequin! With a bustling Instagram account, it’s no work to find and follow her, just make sure you don’t lose track—after all, Canada is a long ways from home!

Jacqueline Goehner

the hot and sexy Jacqueline Goehner as Witchblade

A sexy beauty based out of L.A., Jacqueline stormed the Cosplay Community with her very revealing Witchblade Costume, and is by far one of the most eye-appealing, enjoyable Cosplay Girl to enjoy the presence of!

Whether her next costume is Zena or Zelda, we’re confident that she’ll out fill and supersede expectations on any level with her natural beauty, and welcoming personality!

Jaqueline is very active on her Facebook page with fans, so this goes a long way with us and definitely earns her some brownie points as the icing on top—if you know what we mean! With over 180K followers, the skies the limits for Jacqueline!


Kamui as a Tier 5 Warrior from World of Warcraft

Although by no means the most revealing, we find Kamui last but not least, one of the most beautiful and creative Cosplay Girls! Creating and flaunting original-design costumes from popular games like Diablo and LoL, Kamui, a German Cosplay Girl, definitely has taken the Cosplay Community by the reigns and has a strong following to say the least!

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