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Top 5 Victims of the #MeToo Movement

The Golden Globes, The Cannes Film Festival, and The Oscars were all about the glitz and glam until 2017. However, now they seem to be Hollywood’s favorite protest events.

And, you probably already know what we’re talking about. Of course, the anti-sexual harassment campaign also known as #MeToo.

This is a campaign that was born in 2006, but until Alyssa Milano reintroduced it in 2017, it wasn’t showing its full potential.

After Milano’s tweet last autumn, this hashtag has been Googled all over the globe! The movement started with Harvey Weinstein, a film producer that many women accused of sexual rape, abuse or harassment.

We’re talking about dozens of women abused by this sad man hiding behind his money and power. Little did he know that at some point, he won’t have a place to hide.

In this article, we bring you the top 5 victims of the #metoo movement. We’ll tell you how they were brought to justice and what #metoo did to them. You’ve probably already guessed who’s opening the show. Exactly — the not-so-great-anymore, Harvey Weinstein.

1. Harvey Weinstein

Harvey Weinstein

Dozens of women accused Harvey Weinstein of sexual harassment. And, on October 5, 2017, The New York Times published the very first allegations. As a result, this mogul lost his job at his own company within just one week. That was just the beginning of what will turn out to be one of the most powerful campaigns in our history.

In fact, 10 days later, Alyssa Milano tweeted that any person who had been sexually assaulted or harassed needed to raise their voice and tweet back with #metoo.

The number of replies was absolutely astonishing.

Within the first 24 hours following her tweet, more than half a million people responded. That’s when the victims of the #metoo movement started piling up. There was a barrage of accusations emerging against high-profile, seemingly untouchable men, in entertainment, politics, the media, and the tech industry.

2. Charlie Rose

Charlie Rose

Moving on from the film industry, we have TV host and journalist, Charlie Rose, who was another victim of the #metoo movement. In fact, The Washington Post reported that eight women accused this longtime TV host of sexual misconduct.

According to them, Charlie Rose made unwanted sexual advances. He was nude in their presence, without them asking for it. And, he was even groping their buttocks, breasts or genital areas. Charming, right? Yeah, we don’t think so either.

Within just hours after this article, Bloomberg LP and PBS suspended the distribution of the “Charlie Rose” show. What’s more, CBS network decided to look into the matter, which resulted in him getting fired.

You know that feeling when you love seeing a familiar TV face every day? Well, Charlie’s face is definitely not a matter of love anymore. In fact, it’s anything but.

3. Bill O’Reilly

Bill O’Reilly

Staying in the hosting field, we’ve decided to present to you another TV face that was a victim of the #metoo movement. This time it’s Bill O’Reilly. People actually loved Bill O’Reilly and rated him as one of the best hosts in cable news.

However, that turned around quickly once the allegations of sexual harassment started emerging.

In fact, The New York Times revealed that he had been trying to cover up the misconduct by reaching settlements with women who accused him of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior towards them.

Fox News and 21st Century Fox suffered heavy losses because of this, as they stood by his side during these settlements. Once the news came out, dozens of advertisers quit his show, and the public asked for him to be let go. After succumbing to pressure, Fox fired him.

4. Al Franken

Al Franken

Moving on to the world of politics. Senator Al Franken is another victim of the #metoo movement, and as a result of sexual misconduct allegations, he resigned from his position. Eight women accused the Senator of trying to forcibly kiss them and groping their bottom and other body parts.

The first one to speak out was a radio host called Leeann Tweeden. She said that Al was kissing her and touching her breasts while she was sleeping. In fact, there’s even a photo showing his hands on her while the woman is obviously asleep. What a gentleman, right?

Multiple senators immediately called for him to resign, which he eventually did. However, Al Franken has never apologized for his actions, nor has he admitted that the allegations were true.

5. Blake Farenthold

Blake Farenthold

Finally, and still in the world of politics, we’ve come to the last victim of the #metoo movement — Congressman Blake Farenthold. He used taxpayer funds to reach a settlement for a sexual harassment claim that was brought by his former spokeswoman.

The woman sued her boss because the word got out that he had been having wet dreams and sexual fantasies about her. He was under fire for days because of this scandal, leading to his resignation and saying that he thinks it’s time for him to move on.

There’s no doubt that the #metoo movement has created a lot of fuss in all areas and all over the world. It’s sad to see how there are still people who see nothing wrong with unwanted passes. It’s even worse to see those who defend them saying that we’re all adults and that we know what we’re getting into.

However, the power of voice still matters. There are consequences even for the high-profile characters hiding behind their money while groping their coworkers.

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